Pre-session steps to create the optimal flow for the session
How to create a realistic plan to ensure you achieve gallery full of love-filled images
Strategies for photographing families with children from littles to adult children
How to capture the "everyone looking at the camera smiling shot" - but then so much more
Creating imagery for clients that return year after year
3 shooting videos + a video where Francesca walks you through a gallery from an in-home session

Family Photography Session Guide:
How to Build Confidence and Comfort Between You and Your Clients

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for photographers: Self Paced Course

Golden Hour: The Photographer’s Ultimate Guide

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With this guide you will learn from myself and the incredible Nicole Houser of Nicole Kristin Photography and Clare Ahalt of Clare Ahalt Photography as we share everything you need to know about taking photos during the most magical time of day.  This course was recently retired from Click Photo School but can be purchased directly through Francesca.  Please contact her to purchase the E-course.

Francesca is a Click Pro Photographer and was named one of the 100 Photographers to Watch in 2019 on the prestigious annual list from ClickinMoms.

meet francesca

meet francesca