An afternoon with these two {Lifestyle photography – Long Beach, CA}

April 15, 2013

My two little bugs have come down with a bug.  That combined with a rainy morning meant we have been cooped up inside.  It gave me the chance to finally upload some images I took of them last week when we were also spending the day at home because they were a little sick.    To me this captures an average afternoon in our house (well minus baseball/golf/soccer/basketball/rock climbing/bubble blowing/ drawing with chalk that normally would take place if they were feeling better and playing in the backyard).

They were playing outside at some point as you can see by Cole’s dirty feet.

Doesn’t everyone wear a batting helmet while arranging the fruit and while building blocks?

And then here a few from a couple days before…

Aren’t feetie jammies the greatest?  And made even better with that big belly.  
Alex is currently obsessed with cooking so he’s rocking the chef hat.
Cole is currently obsessed with Bert and Ernie, as can be seen on his face while Dan reads him a story.