July 8, 2013

My baby turned 2 years old a couple weeks ago.  How did that happen?  It seems like just yesterday he made his grand entrance and forever brightened up our lives.  He’s a cool little dude.  He is one half of what makes me the luckiest mommy in the world!

Here’s one when he was my itty bitty newborn baby…well he wasn’t ever really itty bitty since he was over 9 lbs at birth!

Newborn boy - Francesca Marchese Photography

That 9 lb baby has turned into this 2 year old!  Here’s one from just 2 days ago.  I love him so!

Close up - Child Photographer Francesca Marchese Photography


For each birthday I make the boys yearly stats posters for their birthday parties.  I love how it summarizes what makes him “him” at this stage of his life.  Bonus is that it serves as a great decoration of the party.  After the party we take down the giant poster and roll it up so they’ll have a collection from each year to look at when they are older.  At one party a friend said that the teenage version of himself would have wallpapered his room with these if he had posters like this.

Birthday poster with the milestones and fun facts for that year of the child's life

Email me if you would like to have me create one for your child!