Grandparents are just grand! {Orange County Family Photographer}

April 27, 2014

I think it is so great when a family decides to include multi-generations in a session.  Lena decided that it was important for her kids to have photos with their grandparents.  So we planned for an evening where both sets for grandparents could join them to capture some memories.  I love to see how kids always have such a special connection with their grandparents.  As a result we have not only their family of four photos but ones that include both sets of grandparents too!

Brother and sister - Francesca Marchese PhotographyFrancesca Marchese PhotographyGrandparents and grandkids - Francesca Marchese Photographymultigeneration family photo - Francesca Marchese Photographygrandparents - Francesca Marchese PhotographyFrancesca Marchese PhotographyFrancesca Marchese Photography