Baby Hailee’s Fresh 48 – Orange County newborn hospital photographer

June 11, 2015

When I got to the hospital Daddy Chris had little miss Hailee in his arms.  He said that he had gotten a cramp earlier because he seriously hadn’t put her down for hours on end.  I think Jenn was lucky that he couldn’t nurse because she might not have gotten in much snuggle time with their little girl during those first couple of days otherwise.  They were madly in love with their baby, like head over heels, couldn’t get enough of this little chickadee.  It’s so much fun to see 1st time parents get to experience this kind of love for someone they have only just met.  I write about how I still remember that feeling when I had my oldest over on my about me page.

And baby Hailee was lucky enough to be having her first stay anywhere ever at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach.  Ocean views from your first digs (which she also has at her house where we got to do her newborn photos…coming soon in my  next blog post) ain’t a bad set up.

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Francesca Marchese Photography – Fresh 48 in hospital newborn session