Long Beach birth photographer – Chase’s birth day

November 20, 2015

It was right around this time of the morning exactly one year ago that I walked through my front door completely dead tired but on the biggest adrenaline rush.  I just had witnessed one of the most amazing things in my life.  I was there to capture my best friend give birth to her little boy.  This was the first birth I ever had the pleasure of being asked to photograph and the start of my love with birth photography.  Because of the joy that birth photography brings to me I was even more excited about finally becoming a natural childbirth instructor.  And I had every intention of attending a Bradley Method childbirth instructor training starting today but the intense 4 day schedule was not possible with child care coverage right now.  So it’ll have to wait one more year.  Thank goodness for my birth clients allowing me to be part of such a spectacular event.  Watching a new little person’s arrival is kind of the coolest thing ever!

Well I joked that I would eventually get Chase’s birth story told here before his birthday.  And yeah Chase man turned one today.  Nothing like procrastinating.  Love you little fella!

Francesca Marchese Photography – Birth Photography