Clover’s BIRTH day – Orange County birth photographer

April 26, 2017

Whitney was a couple weeks early with her second baby so she assumed this pregnancy would be the same.  Well not the case her 3rd time around.  Clover was cozy and totally fine staying put.  Very early April 26, 2016 I woke up to a call from Brandt that Whitney was in labor and things were moving quickly.  Very quickly indeed.  I arrived at their front door about an hour or so before sunrise.  Whitney was the picture of calm in the birth tub, ear buds in, surrounded by her wonderful birth team with the only light being the glow of the Himalayan salt lamp.  Her friend had arrived to watch over the boys who had woken up with all the excitement of finally meeting their soon to be littlest brother.  I’m sure Whitney has looked more uncomfortable in a difficult yoga pose than she did delivering Clover.  Itty bitty Whitney delivered chunk-a-lunk Clover, her biggest baby, with such ease and grace.  Thank you for inviting me to be there to witness your strength as you were overjoyed to bring another son into your family.  Happy birthday Clover.  Maybe you be happily surrounded with spoons <3

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