Vivienne’s birth

February 4, 2018

One year ago today Tasha and Rob welcomed their 2nd beautiful baby girl into the world.  I was privileged to have been there to witness them become parents about 2 years prior.  Their love and admiration they had for each other was so beautiful to watch as they prepared for their lives to change completely when their first child arrived.

Then to have been asked to be part of another one of their birth stories was the best compliment ever.

On February 4, 2017, Tasha and Rob’s love and support for each other was once again on display for me to capture as they were preparing for their 2nd baby girl on the way.  The nervousness of first time parents was gone but this baby was coming faster than her big sister did.   But along with her amazing OBGYN and the wonderful labor and delivery nurses at Long Beach Memorial their beautiful Vivienne entered the world as an absolutely perfect little bundle of joy!

Today my middle was complaining that we aren’t leaving early enough for the Super Bowl and that last year we were there by a certain time.  I said with certainty no we were because I vividly remember that day since I was still on the amazing euphoric high I get from being part of one of my clients births.  Well last year Vivienne arrived the day before the Super Bowl and on her first birthday it happens to fall on the Big Game.  Or we can look at it as Justin Timberlake is putting on an elaborate concert in honor of Vivienne turning ONE 😉

Happy first birthday Vivienne!  And thank you Tasha and Rob for allowing me to be part of yet another amazing moment.

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