Welcome to the world Ben and Mila

February 8, 2018

I remember going over to Nicole’s for brunch and she said she had news. It went something like this:

Nicole – “I’m pregnant again.”

Me – “Yay, yay, YAY!”

Nicole – “…with twins”

Me – “Woah.  For reals?  (long wide eyed stare)….Woah”

And our few friends that followed, pretty much repeated the same conversation along with the wide eyed stares.

Twins, a toddler that would be less than 2 years old, and a high schooler.  It might be crazy but wow are their hearts so full.

Their Fresh 48 hospital newborn session at Hoag Hospital was shortly after Ben and Mila were born.  The image of them cuddled together in the bassinet was the first time they were reunited since birth.  I swaddled them up each in their own blanket then laid them in the bassinet together.  Ben immediately turned his head toward Mila and she nuzzled her face up against his.  Is your heart bursting right now!?!

I loved meeting these two little loves.   I got to see their toddler big sister adjust to not one but two new babies and their big brother help with his toddler sister and then be super sweet with the babies.  I also got to see one of my oldest friend’s mom and dad beam with pride and be overjoyed with love at how their daughter had just added 2 more littles to their family.

Since I’m so far behind on blogging, they are closer to a year old by now.  It seems silly to say welcome to the world.  Maybe instead I should say Ben I bet you’ll be taller than me by your 5th birthday.  Mila if you get any prettier and sweeter I might just have to eat you up.

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