Adaline’s Birth

April 11, 2018

Adaline’s Birth

Francesca Marchese Photography - Long Beach Birth Center Birth photograph

In the early hours of April 11, 2017 I got a text from Joe saying that they thought Jamie was in labor and they’d be heading to the birthing center.  I replied that was exciting and to keep me updated.  I figured out the logistics of the day quickly in my mind and then reminded myself there was no need to get amped up right now because I should get in as much sleep before my kiddos woke up and I’d need to do the normal morning routine.  It would probably be later in the day that I’d be heading to the birth center as things progressed.

Well not so much!  Joe called just a little later and said the midwife said for me to come now.  I grabbed everything and raced out the door probably in under 5 mins.  Thankfully Jamie was having the baby at Beach Cities Midwifery here in Long Beach and I knew at that early in the morning I could make it in less than 10 mins.  About 4 minutes into the drive Joe calls again and I let him know things are good and I just got on the freeway.  He says good because Jaime is ready to have the baby NOW.  While driving I get my camera out of the bag, put it around my neck, and as I pull up to the birthing center I grab my camera bag and jump out of the car.  I run up to the building and knock on the first door.  Some very nice man answers the door and I’m completely thrown off.  Turns out this was like an accounting office (which now thinking back on it makes sense why there was someone in the office in the very early hours of the morning – given Adeline’s birthday…hello tax season).  Anyways he tells me it’s a couple doors down.  I apologize as I’m running away.  I walk into the peaceful birth center and get shown into their room.  It’s them and the midwives and all is calm and serene.  But don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean it’s wasn’t go time.  Jamie was in full on labor and ready to deliver the baby.  I’ve had the pleasure of photographing a few water births with midwives and I am always amazed at the peacefulness of the process.

Within probably 5-10 minutes after I arrived, Jamie had delivered the baby.  It was beautiful.  Jamie was a complete rockstar!  Joe was the best support system for his beautiful wife and helped deliver their 2nd child.  Adaline entered the world with ease and grace.  They watched in wonder as Nancy, the midwife, helped lift the baby off Jamie’s chest to reveal that their first born darling daughter was going to be a big sister to a GIRL!

I cried watching this slideshow.  Could those grandparents be any more excited!  My daughter has watched the video at least 10 times.  She said she loves the baby and the mommy.  Jamie you were the most beautiful birthing mother in the early hours of the morning!

I love doing these slideshows for the baby’s 1st birthdays.  It is so fun to get to relive these precious moments.  It’s such an honor of being part of such a special event in a family’s life.  Since I decided not to take on any births this year and have referred all inquires to photographer friends, I’ve really enjoyed not being on call and the flexibility in our family’s schedule.  But taking a look back at Adaline’s grand entrance into the world and all the love and joy that surrounded it is pulling at my heart strings.

Happy 1st birthday Adaline!