She’s pretty – {Orange County Child Photography}

February 10, 2013

So this is Izzy and Alex is quite smitten with her.  Can’t you see why?  

The other day at Beachfit class I see them sharing a stool.  Well it wasn’t really a stool but some sort of workout equipment, all the kids get pretty creative while the mamas are working out around them.  My two in particular really like Annika’s rap and club music that blares while she is yelling at us to go faster/lower/higher and just in general kicking my butt.  If you are looking for a workout program that is super challenging (like I mean so challenging that after my first class I said that was the hardest workout of my adult life, just short of the crazy hard hell week waterpolo/swim/volleyball workouts from high school…honestly though hell week probably has nothing on Annika’s workouts) and with a super fun group of girls and their kiddos I can not recommend BeachFit Moms enough.  At the very beginning of October, I started going about 2 times a week.  And since the big decision to leave my job share teaching position at Christmas break, I’ve been able to go 4-5 times a week.  I feel stronger than I’ve ever been and my endurance is improving more and more as time goes on.  When I told Annika that I decided to leave my teaching position she gave me a hug and then said “Good now you can come to every class!”  She has been super supportive of Francesca Marchese Photography!  We just did a BeachFit Moms Valentine session for the BeachFit kiddos and babies.  Lately so many people have caught on to the the awesomeness of Annika, Lee, Laura and Vanessa that the program has expanded and they are offering more classes now.  Check out the website: or if you aren’t a mom and want an awesome workout here is a link to the main Seal Beach BeachFit site

Anyways so back to Alex and his wooing.  He and Izzy start off sharing a stool.  By the way, this particular day Izzy had something like a new year’s crown on her head and an adorable gray shirt with just the right amount of sequins.  You know if you are going to rock a NYE paper crown at the end of January then of course you’ll have to wear sequins with your jeggings!  At each of the different stations I quickly glance in that direction and they were still sitting side by side. I then got to the box jump station which means I’m in front of them but with my back to them.  Since there are mirrors on both sides I can see them behind me.  What do I see?  My three year old laying it on pretty thick.  He has now gotten down from the stool, gone and found the bag of popcorn from the stroller and is offering it to Izzy.  She doesn’t seem too interested in the popcorn so my little guy starts dancing for her!  Like a dancing machine!  Wow he was really turning on the charm.  Hmm…I wonder where he could get that from?  When I first met Dan he sure knew how to turn on the charm.  And in my opinion, dancing always makes a situation better!

At dinner that night when Dan asked Alex about his day, what was the only thing Alex found important enough to report back on?  “Izzy really liked my popcorn!”

I love this picture of Miss Izzy so much I just ordered business cards with this image on it.  Maybe I should get Alex a wallet so he can carry a picture of his pretty crush!